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Nikki Haley to meet with donors after surprising showings in GOP primaries: report

Nikki Haley will meet with donors next week after a series of surprisingly strong showings in Republican primaries, a source said in a new report.

A person close to the former South Carolina governor said Thursday that Haley will attend a retreat Monday and Tuesday to thank about 100 of her biggest campaign donors, reported the Wall Street Journal.

Haley is not expected to discuss her political future or encourage them to contribute to other candidates, the report notes.

“Sometimes it takes more than one run to secure the nomination – look at John McCain and Mitt Romney,” said GOP fundraiser and strategist Eric Tanenblatt, who plans to attend the retreat. “She created something of a movement and built a coalition of Republicans and independents and even some conservative Democrats.”

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The source close to Haley said the former South Carolina governor is not expected to announce an endorsement of former President Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee, or ask her donors to support another candidate.

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Haley left the race in early March, following her losses in Super Tuesday primary contests, but she still garnered 17 percent of the vote in Pennsylvania.

She won nearly 27 percent of the vote in Michigan and 13 percent in Georgia before jumping out of the race.

On Tuesday, Haley claimed more than 21 percent of the vote Tuesday in Indiana’s primary.

“That’s incredible,” said Bill Strong, a Floridian former international investment banker and longtime Republican fundraiser. “Considering she never campaigned there.”

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