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‘No!’ Trump admin aide exposes ex-president’s ‘craziest misdirect’

Former President Donald Trump’s one-time Homeland Security aide Miles Taylor tore into the former president on MSNBC Wednesday, over reports that the Republican National Committee, now staffed with his loyalists, is asking prospective hires whether they agree with conspiracy theories that the 2020 presidential election was stolen.

Taylor, the author of a famous anonymous New York Times op-ed about his “resistance” from inside the Trump administration, said this just scratches the surface of the kind of control Trump wants to have over his underlings.

“I’m going to start with you, Miles, because you worked in that administration … do you believe the RNC spin to NBC news that they’re asking people if they believe the 2020 election was rigged just to find out what they know about election laws?” asked anchor Joy Reid.

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“No!” exclaimed Taylor fiercely. “Joy, it’s one of the craziest, silliest misdirects I’ve seen in a long time on this. I think the takeaway here is they are going to implement loyalty tests. This is just the beginning. And that’s not speculation. Clearly, we are seeing it happen.”

“Years ago, Trump officials were telling me … that this was the plan for a second term,” Taylor continued. “One of his senior folks that oversaw presidential personnel at the White House told me they would implement, in his words — and I’ll censor this — he said we are going to make it an ‘f-ing boot camp’ for people who want to serve in a second term. And I said, well, what do you mean? He specifically delineated how they were looking at companies to do deeper searches into candidates’ backgrounds. They were even looking at ways to scan people’s music they listened to, to see what their political leanings are. Olivia Troye said she was warned that listening to Taylor Swift was potentially going get her fired because it showed she was a liberal.”

“I’ll take it a step further into Donald Trump’s office itself,” he added. “Why? Because Donald Trump wanted to wiretap staff. While I was in the administration. Because he was worried they weren’t loyal enough. It was something he said to John Kelly and John Kelly shot down the idea because he knew that this would patently be illegal for Trump to try to find a way to wiretap his staff. People wrote it off as, well, maybe Trump is just saying he wants to find people who are illegally leaking classified information. You’re kidding me. He wanted to wiretap staff to make sure they’re loyal. This man, if he’s president again, will implement those loyalty tests up and down the stack.”

Watch the video below or at the link.

Miles Taylor slams Trump’s “craziest, silliest misdirect”

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