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Noem posts nearly five-minute video praising Texas cosmetic dentists

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem (R) posted a nearly five-minute long video Monday night praising the work she got done by cosmetic dentists in Texas.

‘I’m the governor of South Dakota and had the opportunity to come to Smile Texas to fix my teeth, which has been absolutely amazing,” Noem said at the beginning of the video.

The video is a commercial-like style that includes close-ups of Noem’s teeth, before and after shots of her smile and dentists working with a patient. Noem explains that she went to Smile Texas, which is based near Houston, years ago for a consultation but could not find the time to get the work done until now.

She said her teeth needed to have an “adjustment” from a biking accident that took place years ago.

“But the team here was remarkable and finally gave me a smile that I can be proud of and confident in and that really is a gift that I think is going to be incredibly special to have. You know I think that I chose the team here at Smile Texas because they’re the best,” she said.

Smile Texas also features Noem on its website underneath its “Smile Gallery.” It includes a before and after photo of her smile.

It’s not clear what may have prompted her to post the minutes-long video that appears to be promoting Smile Texas or why she opted to get the work done in Texas instead of South Dakota.

Truth Puke has reached out to the governor’s office and Smile Texas for comment on the video.

Noem has been floated as a potential running mate for former President Trump, who became the presumptive Republican presidential nominee on Tuesday night. She had endorsed the former president for the White House in September.

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