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‘Not entitled to a pass’: Analyst debunks Nancy Mace’s claim about George Stephanopoulos

U.S. Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC) on Sunday hit back at ABC News host George Stephanopoulos after a combative interview, but she made one faulty connection that was blown up by a legal analyst.

Mace, who appeared on Stephanopoulos’ ABC show earlier in the day, accused the former Bill Clinton White House aide of “rape shaming” her for asking about her support for Trump, who was found liable for sexually assaulting E. Jean Carroll.

After the interview, she took to social media to share her perspective. She also lobbed direct attacks at the host.

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“I’m not going to be shamed for being raped by a guy who worked for a President who wagged his finger and lied to the American people about having oral sex with an intern in the Oval Office… STFU [Stephanopoulos],” she said.

But MSNBC legal expert Lisa Rubin hit back:

“George Stephanopoulos left the Clinton White House in December 1996, well before his former boss’s deception about his abuse of power with respect to a woman we collectively shamed, if not tormented, for decades,” Rubin said Sunday. “But he didn’t shame you.”

she continued:

“What he did was press you for an explanation. He was asking how you reconcile your personal experience and public advocacy on behalf of rape victims with your support for a man who has been found liable for sexual assault by a jury of his peers.”

Rubin then said she appreciates “that it was an inconvenient and even painful question, given your history.”

“I cannot imagine what you have been through, and for telling your story, especially as a woman with a public profile, you deserve empathy and support,” Rubin added. “But as both a prominent voice for women within your party and a Trump supporter, what you are not entitled to is a pass.”

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