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‘Not your show’: Fox’s Hannity mocked for demanding CNN not be allowed to fact-check Trump

Fox News’ Sean Hannity has a particular demand for how the upcoming CNN-hosted debate between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump in June should be handled: moderators shouldn’t be allowed to fact-check Trump during answer blocks.

“I would add that moderators’ mics, they need to be muted also after a question,” said Hannity. “Why? Because it’s obvious. The liberal media, they’d love to be two on one versus Donald Trump. No, that can’t happen. Nor should networks be allowed to put anything on the screen but the names of the candidates.”

The right-wing host was swiftly mocked by commenters on social media for his demands for how the debate format should work — with many noting that this would essentially just be a free pass for Trump to steamroll over everything and not answer questions.

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“The crybaby excuses have started even faster than usual,” said former Republican strategist Ron Filipkowski. “If you cut moderator mics then Trump won’t answer a single question. He instantly changes the subject on every mildly substantive question from right-wing hacks.”

“This is not your show, Hannibal,” wrote the account @VoteDemocracy24.

“Don’t you dare ask follow-ups or fact-check, losers,” wrote the account @MaTTFLaMMaBLe.

“We all know Hannity wouldn’t agree to having his mic muted if he was moderating a debate,” wrote the account “Cryptid Politics,” which identifies as supportive of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, an unsuccessful challenger to the 2024 GOP nomination. “It would kill any opportunities for him to interrupt, and we know he loves to do that.”

“Ha ha they don’t want fact checkers and they want moderators mics muted after question,” wrote the account @PrincessBravato. “Already finding an out.”

“Hell, no. Open mics, open dialogue, no special conditions to protect Trump,” wrote the account @Sancho1549. “President Biden will wipe the floor with The criminal Trump.”

Watch the video below or click here.

Source: Raw Story – Celebrating 20 Years of Independent Journalism

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