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Nuclear Incident Training To Be Conducted In Houston

TRUTH PUKE’S TAKE: A large-scale, multi-agency nuclear incident training exercise will take place in southeast Houston and Harris County from May 1 to May 5. The exercise involves various agencies, including the Department of Defense, Department of Energy, National Nuclear Security Administration, FBI, Department of Homeland Security, Houston PD, Harris Co. Sheriff’s Office, various state and local law enforcement, fire, emergency management, and public health agencies.

The City of Houston reassures the public that the exercise poses no risk to residents, and similar exercises have taken place in various parts of the country since 2012. The exercise provides an opportunity for participating entities to enhance their operational readiness to respond to a nuclear incident in the United States or overseas.

While there is no indication or evidence of an imminent threat related to the nuclear incident training exercises in Houston, it is important for the public to remain informed about potential threats and to trust in the preparedness and response capabilities of emergency management agencies and other organizations responsible for public safety.


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