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NYT’s Maggie Haberman pinpoints moment Judge Merchan ‘had enough’ of Trump’s defense team

> this try and stay positive or positive. >> he didn’t win a ring but we wanted to talk more about how the trial ended today. >> that combat a moment between the judge and the defense over second attempt and mistrial. our next guess witnessed it all joining us, new york times senior political correspondent, trump biographer maggie haberman, who has been inside the courtroom for the trial. so you wrote about that contentious hearing of the gag order and the miss trial. you said this is actually the kind of moment merchan has largely tried to avoid in this trial that test a wills with the defense. he made it clear how angry it was with the arguments and that he thought trump’s team was making them in bad faith. can you just from your perspective, walk us through how that is? >> sure. so a couple of things that obstruct me throughout this trial because i attended several days of the e. jean carroll trial and the situation there was very different between trump and the judge judge kaplan in that case, that was a real battle of wills in the engoron case, the new york civil fraud case it was something of a circus and that trial and trump and the judge were going back and forth to my sean while the trump team really doesn’t like him he has tried being really fair on a bunch of points, including in a sidebar earlier this week saying to blanche when trump was cursing twice audibly, i’m not doing this out loud. i don’t want to embarrass your client. you’ve got to get him under control. >> this was the moment i thought when we’re sean had finally just had enough& was making very clear that he didn’t think the arguments that blanche was putting forward, todd blanche, the main lawyer here. >> we’re in good faith. he really lit into susan nechele who had done the cross-examination of stormy daniels and said she had every opportunity hey, to object to xyz and didn’t they argued that there were reasons she didn’t that there was a misunderstanding over the judge’s instructions about what could be testified to. >> but he went on at length and he said something to the effect of no, i’m not going to adjust the gag because you can’t tell me and good faith that your client is just going to answer rationally. not just attack these witnesses and it sort of summed up the argument against a lot of what trump has been saying and what the defense has been doing. we’re sean said, your opener was there was no sexual encounter that then opens the door for all the other questions and it’s it’s hard to argue against that now, i assume they will use all of this if there’s a conviction on appeal and they might have some success of the court of appeals, but that’s a ways away. and i think that’s just sets a tone for what we’re going to see in jury instructions going forward do you have any sense of how trump now, i mean, who he is angry or but the judge or his own attorneys. >> i mean, listening to your attorneys being i think there’s enough to go around. i don’t i don’t think he’s i don’t i don’t think i think he’s pretty equal opportunity on that. i mean, he’s he has been he has been he was very happy with house who’s nicholas did on tuesday in the cross-examination of stormy daniels because she was very aggressive. susan nechele very aggressive. stormy daniels while she did get tripped up on certain more minor details, she did also have a pretty defiant posture that was consistent and defense of herself and they were very happy because stormy daniels had a bit of a rough outing with prosecutors earlier that morning, but a lot of that one away today in terms of the job today that the defense did. i mean, how how did it play in the court in your perspective? >> it was it was rough. i mean, there was these were pretty minor semantic details that susan nechele was pushing stormy daniels over. did you actually eat dinner or was it just dinner where food was not consumed? and that point was made over and over and over again to essentially try to trip stormy daniels up and suggest her story had changed and that was something that we’re sean said after court, her story really hasn’t changed but the jury sees this ends up risking looking like you’re just badgering this woman who is not the defendant in this case susan nechele, has a very strong reputation as a trial defense lawyer. she has much more experience than the men on that table. at that table, but i it’s hard to separate when someone is working for donald trump. what’s their own? >> once i’m wondering on the reporting because there were a lot of talk today that this was performative perhaps for donald trump and extensor or at least add the behest abdominal. >> some of it’s certainly felt like something he would like weather she is susan nechele known as a very tough, aggressive lawyer in the courtroom. but but continuing to go at stormy daniels& this very contentious back-and-forth felt in the courtroom like a losing prospect after the first several times isn’t it also possible that the miss trial motions themselves are about pleasing pleasing donald trump those lawyers are smart enough to know they’re not going to win those miss trial motions but they seem to be doing making these motions because they get to denounce the proceedings just like the way their client is doing in the press conference is afterwards and i don’t i don’t know what good that that does them, .

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