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On January 6, The Case’s Counsel Stated That The FBI Used Illegal Means To Alter Evidence

TRUTH PUKE’S TAKE: Rogers Roots, Dominic Pezzola’s attorney, issued a statement alleging the FBI committed crimes by falsifying evidence in the case involving the breach of Capitol on January 6, 2021. The statement was made after FBI Special Agent Nicole Miller testified. She was questioned by attorney Nick Smith and found secret FBI communications hidden in an Excel tab. Roots demanded that Trump appointee Timothy J. Kelly either dismiss the case or appoint a special master to review the newly disclosed FBI documents. He said that Miller’s casual talk about committing these terrible crimes shows that the FBI has a culture of corruption and lawlessness that needs to be stopped right away and looked into in depth. Most significantly, however, was the FBI’s monitoring of conversations between co-defendant Zachary Rehl and his lawyer, which violated the Sixth Amendment rights to counsel from government interference.

Additionally, the FBI’s secret texts “show casual exchanges among agents regarding surveillance of codefendant Rehl’s trial strategy, defenses, and ‘interesting’ issues, as well as ways the government can get past Rehl’s defense.” Roots asked the court to release Pezzola from detention, dismiss the case without prejudice, appoint special counsel and an expert master, and schedule multiple hearings on the evidence. But the DOJ said that Rehl and Moseley didn’t need attorney-client protections because they had talked to their lawyers through an electronic system while they were in jail.

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