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‘Only criminals need immunity’: Alina Habba’s latest Trump argument ridiculed online

If Trump had it his way, he was immune right out of the womb.

So says the barrage of knocks aimed at Trump’s attorney Alina Habba.

The esquire who once said: “Somebody said to me ‘Alina, would you rather be smart or pretty?’ and I said ‘Oh easy, pretty… I can fake being smart’” — went on Fox News to imply that her client, former President Donald Trump, deserves to have his immunity claim before the Supreme Court completed before he sets foot in any one of his criminal trials.

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Trump is facing charges in New York City brought by DA Alvin Brag in the so-called hush money case for falsifying his company’s internal records to mask substantial monies delivered by his former fixer lawyer Michael Cohen to buy the silence of porn star Stormy Daniels and also bury unflattering stories in the supermarket tabloid The National Enquirer.

Trump pleaded not guilty to 34 felony counts of falsifying business records and repeatedly denied having a sexual encounter with Daniels while his attorneys have tried to defend the payments as legitimate legal expenses and not part of an effort to shield the affair.

The case is slated to start trial on March 25.

“Number one, do I think it’s going to go ahead? Well, really it shouldn’t. We have an immunity defense that’s currently up on The Supreme Court,” Habba said to Fox. “It’s going to be made a decision and should be stayed until all those decisions are made, number one, and we’ll see what happens there.”

The implication is that Trump’s claims that he is untouchable from any criminal prosecution as president also includes his actions prior to being sworn in as president as well.

This ruffled the feathers of many in the X/Twittersphere.

“How does immunity apply to acts before he became President,” asked @KellyScaletta

@ChidiNwatuDoes also took a mocking tone, asking: “She thinks immunity covers everything Trump has done since he was hatched?”

Others also clearly called out the baseless suggestion Trump can do no wrong before he became commander-in-chief.

@SillyRedHats wrote: “Immunity defense won’t help here sweetheart!”

“Why would Trump need immunity,” @TeamWideBody rhetorically posed. “That’s right he’s guilty. Only Crooks plead the fifth only criminals need immunity.”

And @JonathanDoss poked some fun at the entire idea that when it comes to Trump he’s in the clear. “Does he have retroactive immunity prior to being president? Asking for a nation.”

Watch the video below or click the link here.

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