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Pakistan Deports Half A Million Illegal Immigrants In Just 3 Months

Pakistan Deports Half A Million Illegal Immigrants In Just 3 Months

Authored by Paul Joseph Watson via,

Pakistan has announced it has deported over half a million illegal immigrants in just three months, putting western governments to shame.

In October last year, the Pakistani government told migrants living in the country that they must leave by November 1st if they didn’t have proper authorization papers to remain.

Interior Minister Sarfraz Bugti justified the policy by pointing out that Afghan nationals were involved in the majority of suicide bombings, 14 of the 24 recorded attacks, that had occurred through 2023.

“There are no two opinions that we are attacked from within Afghanistan and Afghan nationals are involved in attacks on us. We have given them a Nov. 1 deadline,” Bugti told journalists.

110,064 foreign nationals left the country voluntarily during the timeframe, while a further 541,210 were forcibly removed.

“Around 1.7 million illegal aliens are unlawfully living in the country, the majority of whom are Afghans. They are living without any legal documentation necessary for staying in the country. 541,210 people have been sent back after the cabinet’s approval of the deportation plan for illegal residents,” said a statement.

Authorities are now in the process of identifying more illegal migrants for removal, despite vociferous criticism by human rights groups.

“Meanwhile in Europe, reports from Germany showed the country was planning to take in expelled Afghan nationals who did not wish to return to their Taliban-governed homeland,” reports Remix News.

In comparison, while Pakistan manages to deport half a million illegals with little fanfare, the UK government brags about removing just 38, while sometimes hundreds of boat migrants continue to pour in on a daily basis.

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