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‘Paralyzed with fear’: Stormy Daniels’ lawyer describes terror of MAGA attack at court

Stormy Daniels’ attorney praised the adult movie star for facing a barrage of hostility during cross-examination at Donald Trump’s hush money trial — and for what he said was her determined reaction not to cave to his attorneys.

“I knew her time to shine would be on cross,” Clark Brewster raved during an appearance on CNN Monday — days after she faced down a barrage of questions aimed at destroying her credibility as a witness.

Daniels gave explicit details about what transpired in the Lake Tahoe hotel room back in 2006 when he said and and Trump engaged in a sexual tryst.

But when Trump’s attorney Susan Necheles stepped up to cross examine Daniels, it was clear she wanted to establish a foundation that Daniels was biased, a liar and carried a vendetta against Trump.

The former president is facing 34 charges of business fraud involving payments allegedly made to Daniels to buy her silence about the relationship.

Brewster explained, “Because she’s a very, very quick thinker, she seized on the facts of the question and was very responsive. I think the direct was careful and i think the cross was right up her ally and she dealt with it well.

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Daniels stuck to her account despite the hostility, he said.

“You’re trying to make me say that it changed, but it hasn’t changed,” she told Necheles.

Trump, 77, is the GOP presumptive nominee for president. He’s pleaded not guilty to all of the charges, and denies the relationship.

His former fixer and attorney Michael Cohen’s is due back on the stand Tuesday. He has been convicted for his part in making a $130,000 payment to Daniels, 45, to buy her silence to manipulate the result of the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

According to Brewster, being forced to testify with the ex-president sitting only feet away wasn’t easy for Daniels — especially since Trump was scolded for cursing while she was answering questions.

His vocal grievance inspired Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Juan Merchan to order Trump’s defense attorney Todd Blanche to control his client.

“She was pretty nonplussed by him,” Brewster said. “She really didn’t pay much regard to him. She heard him responding audibly, but I don’t think that impacted her at all.”

The attorney admitted that while Daniels wore a brave face in court, outside of court she was terrified and even wore a bulletproof vest under her attire.

“She has a lot of fear and she really does,” Brewster noted. “I mean, she was concerned about the security coming into New York. She wore a bulletproof vest everyday… clothes? I can tell you that before she came on Sunday, I mean, she cried herself to sleep.

“I mean she was paralyzed with fear; not of taking the stand or telling her story, but what someone might do to her.

“And I’m genuinely concerned about it as well.”

Watch the video below or at this link.

Source: Raw Story – Celebrating 20 Years of Independent Journalism

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