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Parents On The Political Left Are Leaving The State Of Florida Because Gender Treatments For Children Have Been Made Illegal

Gender affirmation therapies for minors have been made illegal in Florida, joining seven other states that have already taken this step. Transgender rights advocates have condemned the legislation, arguing that it is discriminatory and a breach of transgender rights. However, experts in the field of hormone replacement and other therapies acknowledge that there is not nearly enough information available to make any definitive statements about the topic. The most important details in this text are that the most recent generation of youngsters have been used as test subjects for an experiment that has no foundation in reality and aims to de-gender the population as a whole. Leftist parents who receive virtue signal points for having a transgender child are so angry that they are ready to depart for more awakened beaches because red states don’t want anything to do with it.

The notion that gender affirmation therapies “save lives” is often advanced by organizations that advocate for transgender rights, but there is no data that was collected over a lengthy period of time to substantiate this allegation. Activists can’t present any scientific proof to support gender fluid notions, so they have to resort to appealing to people’s emotions instead. The capacity of the left to impose hormone therapy and gender-based procedures on children would lock those children into the fold of the awakened for the rest of their lives, and the effort to safeguard children from gender cultism is generating deeper isolation between average Americans and awakened leftists.

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