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Parisians Declare Love for Rats Amid Garbage Crisis

TRUTH PUKE’S TAKE: As the City of Light’s garbage piled up during a strike, members of the animal rights group Paris Animaux Zoopolis showed their love for rats in a protest. Despite rats’ history of spreading disease, many Parisians now see them in a positive light.

A 2020 study found that 61% of Parisians prefer non-lethal methods, such as contraception, to control the rat population. Younger residents, in particular, are more friendly toward rodents. Even lawmakers are advocating for the pests, with one arguing they are vital in maintaining city hygiene.

Meanwhile, hundreds of Parisians have joined a Facebook group dedicated to “saving” rats.

In contrast, New York City’s Mayor Eric Adams remains fixated on killing rats, while Parisians unite to offer them a “beautiful second life.” So heartwarming, isn’t it?


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