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Police Foil Mass Shooting Plan by Transgender Individual at Colorado Springs School

The authorities in Colorado have announced that they have successfully foiled a potential mass shooting that was planned to be carried out at a school in Colorado Springs. The perpetrator of this heinous crime, 19-year-old William Whitworth, who identifies as “Lilly” and had an “anti-Trump” manifesto has been taken into custody by the police.

According to official records, William Whitworth is a former student of the school district, having attended from 2014-2016. It has been revealed that Whitworth had previously attended Timberview Middle School, which falls under District 20. The investigation has revealed that Whitworth intended to target this particular school, for reasons that remain unclear at this time. It is worth noting that the affidavit filed in connection with the case explicitly states that there was no specific reason cited for the planned attack.

As part of the ongoing investigation, it has been discovered that William Whitworth had compiled a manifesto that contained a list of names, which included individuals associated with the targeted school, as well as names of past shooters. The manifesto also contained notes next to these names, which are currently being analyzed by law enforcement authorities.

“Eric and Dylan: Losers
“Adam Lanza: To smart
“Isreal Keyes: Degenerate
“Lauren Southern: Pathetic
“Vaush: Terrorist
“Donald J. Trump: Con-mam
“Bad cops: Useless garbage
“Stockholm, Name: Liam K.”

The manifesto’s contents detailed:

“A list of firearms and how to 3D print them; Detailed lists of numerous named individuals to be killed and their indented casualty versus injury rate. Information detailing the creation of improvised explosive devices; The Finalization of locations being Timberview Middle School, Prairie Hills Elementary, and Pine Creek High School.”

The incident has caused shock and dismay across the state, and the authorities have moved swiftly to ensure the safety and security of the public. The police have charged the suspect with felony criminal attempt to commit murder in the first degree, which is a serious criminal offense, along with several misdemeanors, including interference with staff, faculty, or students of educational institutions, menacing, and criminal mischief.

The swift action of the police department has been widely appreciated by the public, and their professionalism and commitment to protecting the community are commendable. The safety and well-being of the citizens are of paramount importance, and the authorities will continue to work tirelessly to ensure that the people of Colorado are safe and secure.

This incident is a stark reminder of the need to remain vigilant and to report any suspicious behavior to the authorities. The police have urged the public to come forward with any information that may be helpful in preventing similar incidents from happening in the future. The authorities will continue to work closely with the community to ensure that such acts of violence are not repeated.


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