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Poll: Majority Believes Biden Involved In Illegal Coverup

In a jaw-dropping revelation, a recent poll report has sent shockwaves through the nation, as 60% of respondents believe that President Biden was very or somewhat likely engaged in an illegal coverup. The staggering numbers indicate widespread suspicion and doubt about Biden’s actions.

The poll, conducted by an independent company, also found that 34% of respondents disagreed, stating that it is not very or not at all likely that Biden hid his involvement in his son’s business deals. This contentious issue has sparked heated debates and investigations by lawmakers.

Lawmakers are delving into potential criminal activity linked to the Biden family, particularly focusing on business deals tied to Hunter Biden. The President has adamantly denied any discussions about foreign business deals with his son, but the public’s skepticism remains high.

Furthermore, the poll uncovered disturbing allegations of potential weaponization of the US justice system against Biden’s political opponents. A significant 58% of respondents believe that Biden has manipulated the US government to favor his family and deny Congress the ability to conduct oversight. These startling revelations have raised serious concerns about the integrity of the justice system.

The poll surveyed 1,027 likely US voters between July 26-27 and 30, with a sampling error of plus-or-minus three percentage points and a 95% confidence level. As investigations continue and public opinion remains divided, the nation awaits the unfolding of this gripping political drama.

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