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Poll: Majority Of Americans Against Further Funding For Ukraine

A recent survey conducted by pollster Social Science-Research Solutions (SSRS) and commissioned by CNN has revealed that a majority of Americans believe the United States has already provided enough support to Ukraine in its ongoing conflict with Russia. The survey results indicate that a significant portion of respondents would oppose allocating additional funds for the country.

The survey, conducted in July, collected opinions from 1,279 randomly selected respondents from US households. Only 48% of the respondents believe the US should increase its support to Kyiv, while a slim majority of 51% feel that the country has already received sufficient aid.

Regarding the question of authorizing additional funding from the US Congress, the respondents were divided, with 45% in favor and 55% against. Among those who believe Ukraine should still receive support, 63% expressed their backing for assistance in intelligence gathering, while 53% supported the idea of providing military training.

However, the survey showed less enthusiasm for supplying more weaponry to Kyiv, with only 43% approving of the idea. Moreover, a mere 17% of respondents supported the direct involvement of US troops in combat against Russia in Ukraine.

The survey’s outcomes represent a notable shift in public opinion compared to a poll conducted by SSRS during the early days of the conflict in February 2022. Back then, 62% of respondents believed that Washington should provide more support to prop up Ukraine, while the remaining respondents believed it had already done enough.

The fear of the Ukrainian conflict escalating into a larger war appears to have diminished over the past year and a half. According to the latest poll, only 59% of respondents expressed concern about the hostilities expanding into a broader war in Europe, a decrease from 80% in February 2022.

Similarly, the number of respondents worried about the conflict’s potential implications for US national security has decreased. The latest survey shows that 56% hold such sentiments, compared to 72% at the time hostilities first broke out.

The survey’s results highlight the nuanced and evolving perspectives of the American public on the issue of supporting Ukraine amid its ongoing crisis with Russia. As the situation continues to unfold, policymakers and lawmakers will likely take these changing sentiments into account when considering future actions related to Ukraine.

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