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Poll: US Millennials Support Criminalizing Misgendering

A Newsweek poll conducted this month and published on Saturday reveals a noteworthy shift in public opinion regarding the criminalization of misgendering. Surprisingly, the survey demonstrates greater support for this idea among millennials than opposition.

Millennial Support for Criminalization

According to the poll, an intriguing 44% of respondents aged 25 to 34 believe that referring to transgender individuals by incorrect pronouns should be a criminal offense. In contrast, only 31% disagreed, while the remaining respondents were uncertain or held no opinion on the matter. This indicates a significant level of support for criminalization within the millennial cohort.

Generational Divide

Surprisingly, support for criminalizing misgendering diminishes among the older age bracket of 35 to 44, which includes some millennials. Within this group, backing for the idea drops to 38%, with 35% expressing opposition. The generational shift highlights evolving perspectives and attitudes toward pronoun usage, even within the same cohort.

Generation Z’s Perspective

Notably, Generation Z, despite having a higher proportion of LGBTQ+ individuals compared to other age groups, exhibits less enthusiasm for making incorrect pronoun use a criminal offense. Only 33% of Gen Z respondents supported the idea, while 48% opposed it. Interestingly, their views align more closely with the broader US population, where just 19% advocate for misgendering to be declared a crime, while 65% object to the notion.

Changing Language Dynamics

While the United States does not have specific laws against “hate speech,” societal shifts driven by social media speech codes and academia have prompted Americans to reconsider how they discuss sex and gender. Emphasizing the adoption of LGBTQ+-friendly vocabulary, these changes aim to foster inclusivity and respect.

Rise of LGBTQ+ Identification

Simultaneously, there has been a remarkable increase in the number of Americans identifying as something other than heterosexual. A Gallup poll conducted last year revealed that 7.1% of Americans identified as LGBTQ+, more than double the percentage in 2012. Notably, Generation Z exhibited the most substantial rise, with 21% identifying as LGBTQ+.

Resistance and Legislative Challenges

While LGBTQ+ activism has gained momentum, it has also faced significant resistance in some areas, particularly concerning trans-identifying children. Republican-led state governments have enacted numerous bills this year, banning medical procedures and placing restrictions on discussions about LGBTQ+ issues in classrooms.

International Context

In the United Kingdom, the consequences of misgendering trans individuals have resulted in investigations, arrests, and charges under “harassment” and “malicious communication” laws. This illustrates the ongoing tensions and debates surrounding language usage and legal ramifications.


The Newsweek poll underscores the shifting dynamics of public opinion regarding the criminalization of misgendering, with millennials exhibiting more support than opposition. Generational disparities, changing language dynamics, and the rise of LGBTQ+ identification play pivotal roles in shaping these attitudes. As society continues to grapple with these complex issues, it is essential to foster dialogue and understanding while navigating the delicate balance between free speech and respectful communication.

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