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Pope Francis Slams Gender Ideology and Calls It “Dangerous”

TRUTH PUK’S TAKE: Pope Francis has declared gender ideology to be one of the “worst ideological colonies” and its adherents “naive” if they believe it can bring about real change. He attributes the global push for transgender acceptance to those who fail to distinguish between what constitutes respect for homosexual diversity or different sexual preferences and an anthropology of gender that eliminates differences and erases humanity, along with all its richness and tensions. He has also opposed a decade-old initiative to teach youngsters that it is acceptable to pick their own sexual partners, and has stressed the need for gay relationships not to be criminalized and policies which unfairly punish homosexuality. The Congregation for Catholic Education published a treatise on gender ideology which was described as an “illusion of freedom within the realm of feelings, wishes, and desires.” These ideas aim to “annihilate nature”, and their implementation further involves the destruction of family units in order to compel befuddled citizens to fund the state. Families serve as essential support systems for individuals and commu

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