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Princeton ‘Hunger Strikers’ Complain University Isn’t Monitoring Their Vital Signs

Princeton ‘Hunger Strikers’ Complain University Isn’t Monitoring Their Vital Signs

Authored by Steve Watson via,

Attention seeking trust fund babies at Princeton University have complained that the University is not monitoring their health while they camp out in tents and claim to be on a hunger strike in support of Palestinian people.

After previously whining about “unsafe conditions” due to officials denying them to sleep in tents, the group now claims “They are not keeping track of our vitals. They are not at all taking care of us.”

“We will continue to starve until they meet our demands,” the agitators added.

Explain exactly why anyone should be monitoring your vital signs?

In another video, one of them whined that she is “literally shaking” through starvation and that her group is all “immunocompromised.”

She then accused University officials of “physically weakening” the group on purpose.

This is yet more nonsense at cult camp.

As we previously highlighted, agitators at Columbia complained that they were not being provided food or drink by the University while they were illegally occupying academic buildings.

The spokesperson they nominated to converse with reporters whined that they were not being provided ‘humanitarian aid’, betraying the fact that they were engaging in a kind of sick cosplay as Gazan refugees.

Many of them don’t know exactly what they are protesting against.

Others can’t even spell Palestine.

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Thu, 05/09/2024 – 14:20

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