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Pronoun Therapy: State Department Offers Counseling To Staff After ‘Pronoun Glitch’

The recent “pronoun glitch” incident at the US State Department, resulting in employees being assigned random gender pronouns, highlights the department’s zealous embrace of LGBT-related issues. The State Department now reportedly mandates that all employees list their pronouns in their email signatures, a move that has generated controversy.

The debacle unfolded when Associated Press reporter Matt Lee brought attention to the issue, revealing that he had received emails from department employees with erroneous pronouns attached to their names. This included assigning “he/him” pronouns to female employees and vice versa. Lee questioned the mandatory nature of the pronoun policy, prompting State Department deputy spokesman Vedant Patel to promise an investigation into the matter. Although Patel did not deny the policy’s mandatory status, he claimed that staff could choose the pronouns that suited them best.

The State Department’s explanation for the incident attributed it to “issues with user profiles on Microsoft Outlook.” However, critics argue that this mishap is symptomatic of the department’s broader push for gender ideology. State Department information officer Kelly Fletcher sent an email to employees, expressing regret for the confusion and distress caused by the glitch and offering free counseling to those who felt “hurt” or “upset”.

This incident follows past controversies surrounding the State Department’s handling of pronouns. Two years ago, the department faced backlash from conservatives for a tweet celebrating “International Pronouns Day” and promoting an article featuring gender-neutral pronouns like “ze/zir/zirs.”

Under President Joe Biden’s administration, the State Department has consistently advocated for gender diversity and equality, even in conservative societies. US embassies, including those in conservative Botswana and Albania, have actively participated in events like the “International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, and Transphobia,” while the US embassy in Brazil released a video introducing Brazilians to non-binary gender identities and instructing them on the use of pronouns like “xe/xem” and “per/pers.”

Critics argue that the State Department’s focus on gender-related issues is indicative of the broader use of the LGBT agenda as a tool in Western foreign policy. While the department’s offer of counseling to affected employees demonstrates a concern for their well-being, it also raises questions about the extent of ideological advocacy within the organization.

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