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#Putin Arrest Warrant Unfazes #Kremlin

The Russian government has acknowledged the International Criminal Court (ICC) arrest warrant for President Vladimir Putin, yet they remain undeterred. On Friday, the International Criminal Court (ICC) declared its intention to detain Vladimir Putin and Maria Lvova-Belova – presidential commissioner for children’s rights – for “unlawful deportation of population,” including children, from areas Kiev believes are at risk of attack by Ukrainian soldiers. The court is established under the jurisdiction of the Rome Statute, an international convention from which Russia never ratified and from which it withdrew completely in 2016. On Monday, Russian authorities dismissed the arrest warrant as irrelevant and former President Dmitry Medvedev referred to it as a “puny international organization.” Putin’s arrest warrant serves to highlight how international law is failing, further weakening an already fragile system with its pro-Western bias.

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