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Rand Paul Warns Of Dire Situation: Out Of Ammo, Out Of Money – U.S. Aid To Ukraine Questioned [VIDEO]

In an article by Summit News, Senator Rand Paul sounded a warning on Wednesday, expressing concern over the financial drain and ammunition shortage impacting the U.S. amid Ukraine’s war with Russia.

During a Fox Business interview, Paul raised questions about the Biden administration’s continuous billion-dollar aid to Ukraine, citing the imprudence of borrowing money from China for this purpose.

“It’s not like we’re sending them surplus funds. It’s like, ‘Oh, we have surplus ammo around,'” Paul remarked, highlighting the scarcity of resources.

“We’re actually out of ammo now, we’re out of money. And so, there’s no real sense in continuing to do this,” Paul emphasized, echoing Biden’s recent acknowledgment of running out of ammunition.

Paul voiced doubts about the war’s outcome, stating, “I don’t think the Russians are ever leaving Crimea. I don’t think the Ukrainians have the might to push them out.”

He expressed concern about the prolonged suffering of the Ukrainian people and the war’s potential to drag on as a war of attrition.

The Senate recently voted down Paul’s amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act, seeking to clarify that NATO’s Article 5 does not supersede the need for Congressional war declarations.

As the situation stands, the US, as a NATO member, would be obligated to join any collective defense commitment in response to an attack on NATO.

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