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Republican Forces Mobilize To Confront Texas Migrant Invasion

Video via Fox News Drone

Republican forces in Texas prepare to defend the state against a wave of illegal migrants threatening to overrun the border. Shocking drone footage obtained by Fox News reveals the alarming scale of the invasion, with countless non-citizens pouring into Democrat-run cities like El Paso, where they expect to receive sanctuary and aid.

The Biden Administration’s response to this crisis has been to deploy national guard troops, not to prevent illegal crossings, but to speed up the processing of migrants so they can be relocated throughout the country. However, Governor Greg Abbott of Texas has vowed to take a strong stance against this invasion and protect the sovereignty of the state by deploying the Texas Tactical Border Force.

It is clear that Democrats are not interested in stemming the flow of illegal immigration and are instead enabling these lawless individuals to enter the United States with impunity. Despite claiming that they do not support open borders, their actions speak louder than their words, as they actively block any attempts by border states to enforce immigration laws.

The impending expiration of Title 42, which previously allowed federal border patrol agents to send migrants back to Mexico, means that the floodgates are now wide open. Asylum rules dictate that most migrants will be allowed to stay within the US while they await court decisions, which can take years. This puts an immense strain on the country’s resources and poses a significant security threat.

The time has come for Republicans to take a stand and defend our borders against this onslaught of illegal immigration. The safety and security of the American people must come first, and we cannot allow our country to be overrun by those who disrespect our laws and disregard our sovereignty.


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