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‘Republicans are worried’: GOP insider highlights party’s election fraud ‘vulnerability’

The Republican party is worried about 2024 losses that could occur as a result of election fraud claims pushed by Donald Trump, a GOP strategist said Sunday.

Republican strategist Susan del Percio, who has a history of working with Republican candidates and in Rudy Giuliani’s administration, appeared on MSNBC on Sunday, where she was asked about Lara Trump’s recent claim that her father-in-law had accepted the election results from 2020.

“What does it mean if this is the person who is running the [Republican National Convention]?” the host asked.

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“There are a few things in play here,” said del Percio. “Republicans are worried about the stealing of the election claim, they saw what happened in 2022. Given the stories that we are seeing here now in 2024, Republicans know that it is a vulnerability for them.”

She added that Lara Trump “is nothing but a show for her father.”

“She should probably just spend her time in the recording studio because she is doing more harm than good as far as being the head of the R.N.C. She does not know what the job is,” the strategist said Sunday. “She only knows what she is told to do.”

Watch the video below or click the link.

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