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RFK Jr’s Bold Plan: Dollar Backed By Bitcoin For US Financial Stability

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., the Democratic Party presidential nominee hopeful and nephew of late President John F. Kennedy, unveils an audacious plan to secure the US dollar with Bitcoin, aiming to restore financial stability, peace, and prosperity. He challenges incumbent President Joe Biden and criticizes Biden’s proxy conflict with Russia in Ukraine.

Speaking at a Heal-the-Divide political action committee (PAC) event, Kennedy proposes supporting Treasury bills with hard assets such as gold, silver, platinum, or Bitcoin. He advocates for a small start with about one percent of issued T-bills backed by these assets. Despite Bitcoin’s fluctuations, Kennedy emphasizes its limited supply, preventing debasement and endorsing its role in strengthening the dollar.

Kennedy also questions the use of fiat money since 1971 when the US abandoned the Gold Standard. Drawing from his late uncle JFK’s wisdom, he links fiat currency to wars, wealth disparities, and inflationary quantitative easing. “Base currencies make it more difficult; you have to go to the public. You can’t just print money to fund war and tax the public through hidden inflation,” Kennedy asserts.

As part of his campaign, Kennedy pledges to end capital gains tax on Bitcoin transactions, opposing SEC chairman Gary Gensler’s view on Bitcoin’s regulation. He promises to dismantle Biden administration policies linked to Choke Point 2.0 that punish banks dealing with Bitcoin. Kennedy believes this will foster innovation, spur investment, ensure citizen privacy and financial stability, and retain tech jobs within the United States.

Kennedy’s vision embraces a dollar-backed by solid assets like Bitcoin, leading the way for a new era of financial stability and facilitating the growth of the American economy. If elected, he aims to protect free speech by limiting governments’ ability to weaponize currency.

As the race for the Democratic Party presidential nomination heats up, Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s unconventional ideas capture attention, raising anticipation for the 2024 election.

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