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RINO Former Pfizer Exec Running Mich. House GOP Financially Cuts Off MAGA Candidate, Risks Losing Legislative Control

The Republicans in Michigan are in the minority, and Democrats have aggressively passed their far-left agenda. Democrats have tried to outlaw saying mean things to transgenders. They have passed ‘red flag’ laws to confiscate guns based on anonymous complaints about someone’s ‘mental health.’ They repealed every single pro-life law.

Yet even in this delicate political state, major NeverTrump RINOs in control of the GOP purse strings like Bill Parfet are cutting off MAGA Patriot incumbents like Rep. Neil Friske.

Republicans are in the minority by one vote in both the House and the Senate. The establishment RINOs still in power have adamantly told conservatives not to primary fellow RINOs because they are so close to retaking control. But in practice, not only have the RINOs shamelessly recruited primary challengers to MAGA legislators, they have also now financially cut off one of the key MAGA patriots, Rep. Neil Friske, financially.

Yesterday, one of the millionaires who is covertly running the Michigan House Republican Campaign Committee (“HRCC”), former Pfizer Executive Bill Parfet, called Rep. Friske and told him that he was being uninvited to HRCC fundraisers because of the ‘optics.’

Even though Friske had previously financially supported the HRCC fund, because he says he wanted to help his colleagues win their elections and maintain Republican control, now they don’t want Friske around because of a false criminal accusation that is obviously untrue.

Parfet and former Michigan Governor Rick Snyder are the ones raising money for Republicans to retake the legislature. The former state party chair, Kristina Karamo, referred to the fundraising duo as “horrific.”

Former Michigan Governor Rick Snyder

Parfet and Snyder are both NeverTrumpers
. Parfet and Snyder also both endorsed far-left Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer and put their name on campaign ads promoting Whitmer’s 2022 re-election over Republican Tudor Dixon. They were leaders of “Republicans for Whitmer.”

Former Pfizer Executive and Michigan GOP Fundraiser Bill Parfet

RINO traitors are controlling which legislators get access to Republican donors in Michigan
, and they’re busy purging pro-Trump incumbents.

Friske told the Gateway Pundit that the calls with Rep. Hall were very low energy.

“Hall called me and asked ‘what should I do about it?’ after explaining that Bill Parfet wanted me off the fundraiser and was uninviting me to an event in my own district,” Friske said. “I told Hall to support conservatives and to go to bat for me. It would make a statement if he invited me and it became clear that wasn’t going to happen. Hall then called me back to brag that he had won Bill Parfet over, as if he was the real one in charge of the House Republicans, and then later I got a call from Parfet.”

Friske continued, “Parfet called and was much more direct than Hall. He said he understood that I was 100% innocent of the charges, and claimed they stood behind me, but said that these weren’t my donors anyway and they planned to raise $600,000 in this one night of fundraising. He said it would be bad ‘optics’ for them so that I wasn’t allowed to come. I’m an elected official, an incumbent, running for re-election, and yet it was clear that he was the real one in charge.”

“He kept telling me that if I showed up, that ‘nothing constructive will come from that’ and I understood that they were going to have some kind of bouncer keep me off the property if I showed up. The whole situation is just ridiculous,” Friske said.

Parfet has deep ties, professionally and financially, to Pfizer. Pfizer was the primary pusher of the discredited COVID vaccine which has cost the lives of hundreds of thousands of Americans. In 2023, Project Veritas revealed that Pfizer was also conducting horrific experiments to purposefully mutate the COVID vaccine to make it more lethal.

Parfet told Friske that the fundraiser was expected to bring in $600,000 from that one event. Friske would not be allowed to even be in attendance.

In late June, Rep. Friske was accused of committing sexual assault and chasing a Lansing stripper down the street while firing his guns at her. Here is the 911 phone call from the incident. Friske was arrested, released without having to post bond, and has suspiciously not been charged yet by the far-left prosecutors in Ingham County, Michigan, which is the location of the state Capitol, Lansing. Friske maintains his innocence, and claims that no shots were fired, he was in the process of being robbed and burglarized, thousands of dollars were stolen, he was attacked by a crazed woman with a scissors, and that the police have incontrovertible evidence of his innocence on these charges.

Friske claims he is being set up.

The mainstream media have framed up Friske as a kind of crazed Yosemite Sam raping strippers and shooting up his neighborhood at three in the morning. Even as this anti-Friske narrative falls apart piece by piece as its lies are exposed, the ongoing smear campaign continues against Friske.

The smear campaign continues from fellow ‘Republicans’ because Neil Friske was a long-time champion of Kristina Karamo in the battles for the Michigan Republican Party, and has been a near-perfect conservative voting record in the Michigan House. John Yob recently released a hit website using AI-generated photos of Neil Friske to further defame him.

One important ‘tell’ for AI-generated images is that they typically create too many fingers, and in the faked photo of Friske on the left, the image cuts off the hands of the women. As well, the faces of the woman are all relatively the same shape and clones of one another, another hallmark of AI-generated images.

Friske’s primary opponent, Parker Fairbairn, is a long-time personal family friend of billionaire Beijing Betsy DeVos. The DeVos family have lavished campaign funds upon Fairbairn. Fairbairn’s consultant is John Yob. House Minority Leader Matt Hall is long-time friends with Yob, and rewards him. Yob has become a millionaire with properties in the U.S. Virgin Islands off of Republican donors and RINOs running for office.

Yob, the Michigan consultant for Fairbairn, Hall, and HRCC, ran to be the Chairman of the Republican Party in the U.S. Virgin Islands and won his election, 12-1 this past May.

Yob was also the one recruiting primary challengers to Hall’s opponents, funding them through PACs not tied to Hall, such as the two running against Hall to be the Republican leader, fellow Republican incumbents Rep. Bryan Posthumus and Rep. Tom Kunse. Yob also had a hand in recruiting challengers to the state’s Freedom Caucus, the small group of legislators loyal to both President Trump and the pro-Trump grassroots.

All but one of the Freedom Caucus members drew a primary challenger. Those whom Matt Hall previously pressured to drop out of the freedom caucus did not draw primary challengers.

Yob was given the multi-million dollar vendor and consulting contracts for HRCC. These contracts, involving mail, phones, digital outreach, polling, and are highly coveted and the real prize for leadership contests in Lansing. The prevailing faction rewards itself by giving these lucrative contracts to their friends.

There’s virtually no oversight on the contracts. When former House Speaker Lee Chatfield was accused of embezzling funds from the House Republican Caucus, as part of an election where Republicans lost multiple seats by close margins, he was accused of stealing it from the HRCC accounts. Chatfield, say law enforcement sources to other media outlets, would personally cash checks meant for HRCC and only deposit half of the check. So the donor would see the check clear, the donation would be half-reported, and no one would notice or care. Even though Chatfield is accused of doing this, and it is relatively well documented, no charges were ever brought.

As well, Yob and RINO Matt Hall brought in Heather Lombardini to help organize the fundraising efforts for HRCC. Lombardini was the main fundraising mind behind “Super RINO” Michigan Senator Mike Shirkey. Shirkey repeatedly refused to investigate 2020 voter fraud. Lombardini, who would cheer when Trump electors were being persecuted by Michigan’s far-left Attorney General Dana Nessel, received her own prosecution in February for process charges related to funding for Unlock Michigan, opposing Gretchen Whitmer’s unconstitutional lockdown orders.

The left-wing billionaire families who fund Michigan Republicans, people like Beijing Betsy DeVos, have longstanding financial ties to Communist China. DeVos herself makes nearly half of her family’s annual revenue from Chinese sales. China requires foreign companies to be majority-owned by the Communist Chinese government.

These left-wing Michigan funding families route their money through the House Republican Campaign Committee. There are nine primary left-wing families funding Michigan Republicans. On paper, to the public, it appears that this secretive HRCC entity is run by Republican elected officials. Until recently, its public head was Rep. Andrew Beeler (R), and now it is Rep. Bill Schuette Jr. (R), the son of the former Michigan Attorney General, Bill Schuette Sr., who also lost a race for Governor against incumbent Gretchen Whitmer in 2018.

But the elected officials are mere figureheads for this entity. The two running HRCC behind the scenes are former RINO Governor Rick Snyder and millionaire RINO Bill Parfet.

Left-wing Millionaires and Billionaires are the primary funding families for the Michigan Republican Party.

Snyder’s two-terms in office were so bad that he handed the state over to Gretchen Whitmer, and lost the public trust by mishandling the Flint Water Crisis. Snyder was charged with criminal negligence for his oversight over the Flint water crisis. Those charges were eventually dismissed.

These powerful wealthy RINO elites don’t want pro-Trump conservatives in office. They want morally compromised easy-to-control pawns to do their bidding. This is why they are trying to smear and bankrupt Rep. Neil Friske.

Michigan elites relocate and moves RINOs into safe Republican deep red seats, and then forces conservatives to run in evenly-split 50-50 seats. RINO Rep. Graham Filler has been caught not living in the house he ‘rents’ from a local judge, which he moved into in order to run. RINO John Roth was obviously not living in his district and was almost disqualified by his local Clerk over the issue, changing his address after the filing deadline. Rep. Bob Bezotte was not living in his home when he filed to run in Livingston County, with his wife accusing him of domestic violence and having had moved out of the family home months prior. Bezotte was taken off the ballot and then put back on, because, Bezotte told donors, Matt Hall called him and promised him a lot of money to stay a loyal member of the team. RINO Rep. Bryan Posthumus claims residency for his seat based on an unfinished barn that wouldn’t be habitable under the building code even if he fixed it up.

The Michigan power structure, millionaires like Snyder and Parfet, know that it’s cheaper to put RINOs in deep red seats and lie to conservative voters than it is to force RINOs to explain their own legislative voting records to population that is evenly split between Republicans and Democrats.

Not only do these legislators regularly lie about their illegal residency status, but they also tell lies to cover up a multitude of personal problems.

The current Republican leader has a wide variety of personal problems. Matt Hall is a degenerate gambler: Rolling Stone says that Hall gambled over $73,000 in one month alone. Hall was caught on audio in a case of domestic violence with his girlfriend, abusing her while running late to a casino. The girlfriend later took the blame in an awkward meeting before the entire Republican caucus where she blamed her outbursts on a prior traffic accident and the sickness of her son by another man who is not Hall. Hall was known as a violent drunk when he was a student at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, which included an incident where he emailed racial threats and racist emails to an ex-girlfriend. Hall told the student that ‘his kind better not come around here anymore’ and implied that he would lynch a black man. The mainstream media has largely covered up the salacious contents of Hall’s college emails.

In his first term in office, Matt Hall’s antics caused him to lose both of his female staffers. The House Business Office created a special rule for Hall where he was not allowed to hire female staff. Insiders relate that credible claims by staffers of ongoing sexual assault against the female staffers were the reason why. The women were paid out of a special fund the legislature maintains for keeping the silence of such staffers, and Hall was given new staff. These problems were well-known to the Republicans in the legislature, never handled in their infancy, and yet they stick by Hall.

Republican leader Matt Hall (R)

Hall’s childish antics have also led to a variety of other staffing problems.

It’s a continuation of the tolerance of sexual problems under former Speaker Lee Chatfield, where Chatfield as Speaker of the House was allowed to serially commit sexual assault on staffers, legislators, and according to Tudor Dixon even having an adulterous affair with Governor Gretchen Whitmer. Two different sources in the Michigan State Police confirmed the same rumor that Dixon had heard.

But those allegations are permissible for those individuals like RINO Matt Hall as long as those people vote the right way. When a conservative patriot like Neil Friske gets accused of similar misdeeds, he is financially cut off and ostracized.

If you vote with the uniparty, they protect you and finance you despite your mistakes. If you vote with the grassroots, the smear campaigns start, primary challengers get filed, and your life becomes very difficult.

The false accusations against Rep. Neil Friske inadvertently reveal a great deal of how the Michigan Republicans operate and how wealthy left-wing interests keep the entire Republican leadership in check in the Wolverine State.

Instead of any consistency in providing access to Republican donors, they pick and choose who gets access in order to punish conservatives. Instead of trying to clean up the behavior of legislators, they openly tolerate a wide variety of transgressions by people whom they feel votes the right way.

Neil Friske’s campaign website is here.

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  • Hall then called me back to brag that he had won Bill Parfet over, as if he was the real one in charge of the House Republicans, and then later I got a call from Parfet.
  • He said he understood that I was 100% innocent of the charges, and claimed they stood behind me, but said that these weren’t my donors anyway and they planned to raise $600,000 in this one night of fundraising.
  • “He kept telling me that if I showed up, that ‘nothing constructive will come from that’ and I understood that they were going to have some kind of bouncer keep me off the property if I showed up.
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