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Russia, Turkey, Iran And Syria Seek To Normalize Ties And Push American Forces Out Of Syria [VIDEO]

On Tuesday, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu hosted four-way talks aimed at normalizing ties between the Syrian and Turkish governments, in a move that would further push American forces out of Syria. This meeting, which included Russia, Syria, Turkey, and Iran, focused on “strengthening security in the Syrian Arab Republic and normalizing Syrian-Turkish relations,” according to the Russian Defense Ministry.

All parties share a common goal of defeating extremist groups in Syria, with practical steps discussed to achieve this objective. The Turkish defense ministry praised the “constructive atmosphere” of the meeting and emphasized the need to intensify efforts to return Syrian refugees to their lands.

For Syria, protection of its sovereignty, food, and energy resources is a top priority. The US and its Kurdish-led proxy, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), have occupied a significant portion of oil-and-gas rich northeast Syria, as well as Tanf garrison on the Iraq-Syria border. This occupation has led to accusations that the US is stealing Syrian oil, though the Pentagon argues it is fighting ISIS.

In addition, Turkish forces have occupied territory within Syria’s northern border, with the aim of fighting Syrian Kurdish groups. If Damascus and Ankara strike a deal, this would be a significant step towards squeezing out the US occupation, which is also Russia’s objective.

The US-backed SDF has long been under Turkish threat, which would be amplified if Syria, Turkey, and Russia unite against it. US bases have already come under sporadic rocket and drone attack, leading to the death of an American contractor and injuries to US troops.

The prospect of peace between Damascus and Turkey is supported by the fact that Arab states, including Saudi Arabia, are rushing back to Assad to reestablish ties. If Syria is invited back into the Arab League, this would aid in diplomatic normalization with other regional nations like Turkey and Jordan.

A diplomatic breakthrough would also be a significant reputational victory for Russia, which remains isolated by the West due to the ongoing Ukraine war. The end result of these talks could see American forces pushed out of Syria, with the region stabilized under the control of Russia, Turkey, Iran, and Syria.


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