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Russian Diamond Sanctions: Epic Fail or Strategic Victory?

World leaders are in the midst of an escalating battle to impose sanctions on Russian diamonds, as tensions continue to rise following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The debate has become heated, as countries attempt to thwart Russian influence with various sanctions. However, frustration is mounting as the diamond industry remains untouched by the current sanctions.

Russia holds vast and valuable diamond reserves, and is a major player in the industry, raking in billions from exports. Alrosa, Russia’s leading diamond mining company, accounts for a staggering 90% of the country’s diamond mining capacity. Despite this, current sanctions are proving ineffective, only scratching the surface of Russia’s diamond supply.

The “substantially transformed” exemption loophole renders the current sanctions symbolic at best, and many countries, including the EU, are hesitant to impose further sanctions. Even Belgium, the major diamond trading hub in the EU, initially opposed the move.

Adding to the complexity of the situation is the difficulty in tracing diamonds, making it challenging to enforce any ban. The G7 is vowing to work together to implement further measures, including banning rough and polished Russian diamonds. The goal is to achieve “bifurcation” in the diamond market, whereby Russian diamonds would be sold to some countries but not among the G7.

Despite these efforts, questions linger about the effectiveness and vulnerability of the proposed tracing system based on documentation. It remains unclear what actions the EU will take, adding to the uncertainty and tension surrounding the issue.

The Biden administration is making their best efforts to impose sanctions, but history has shown that such actions often backfire, benefiting Russia in ways no one could have foreseen. The question remains: will this diamond sanction prove to be yet another pawn in Russia’s game of international power plays? The world is watching, waiting for answers.


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