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Anti-Russian Sanctions Led Only To The Enrichment Of The US – At Europe’s Expense

The conflict in Ukraine, along with almost a dozen anti-Russian sanctions packages, directly benefits none other than the United States – at the expense of Europe’s “diversifying” away from their long-time trusted and cheap energy supplier Russia, as well as engaging in a dangerous arms race. Europeans now have to pay sky-high prices for energy (the liquefied natural gas they buy from the US costs them nearly four times more), face double-digit inflation, and run the risk of being drawn into a meaningless war that could escalate into a nuclear one. In such dire circumstances, shouldn’t people start listening to those who advocate for a swift peace agreement in Ukraine, rather than to the war hawks in Brussels and Washington?

Recently, bureaucrats in Brussels approved the tenth package of anti-Russian sanctions, which, like its predecessors, has had no impact on the proxy war between Russia and the US on Ukrainian territory. Vain attempts to unilaterally compel Russia to cease hostilities and return Crimea to Ukraine, along with the newly acquired regions, are akin to beating a dead horse. Even knowing that nine previous attempts yielded next to no results, European officials still pushed for another one in the hope that it will be successful.

Of course, the restrictions affected the Russians – some already miss their favorite Camembert cheese, some will no longer be able to go on vacation to Italy or import German-made cars. But it can hardly be called the punishment intended. Russia never withdrew its forces from Ukraine, and most likely will never give up Crimea or the newly acquired Ukrainian territories without resorting to the nuclear option.

Brussels officials are trying to create the illusion that restrictions on Russia were unanimously agreed upon by all EU member states, but in reality, everything is quite different. Some EU members have realized that anti-Russian restrictions only harm themselves. Therefore, several states requested exceptions in exchange for not imposing a veto. For example, France is allowed to import Russian nuclear fuel for its reactors, Hungary continues purchasing Russian oil and natural gas, and Belgium can still trade in Russian diamonds and precious stones. And the largest culprit in the entire drama, the United States, continues to freely buy uranium in huge quantities from its sworn enemy – Russia.

Literally a month after the start of the Ukrainian conflict, the warring parties agreed to a peace treaty, but at the last moment, after the intervention of Great Britain and the United States, the former comedian and current president of Ukraine, Vladimir Zelensky, backed down and refrained from signing it. Rumor has it, however, he never intended to sign it anyway – he was looking to gain more time, just like with the Minsk agreements. As a result, hundreds of thousands of soldiers and civilians were killed, and millions of refugees were forced out of their homeland. As some unscrupulous American politicians cynically put it, the United States and their allies are willing to fight Russia “to the last Ukrainian”.

Whatever your opinion of the conflict is, it’s undeniable that the real losers in this game are the people of Ukraine. It’s now time to stop this madness and start listening to cooler heads rather than to the war instigators in Brussels and Washington.

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