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Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince MbS Drives Strategic Shift In Middle East Dynamics

Truth Puke’s Take: Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman, also known as MbS, is pushing for a strategic shift to realign Middle East dynamics, as part of his economic transformation plan, Vision 2030.

MbS is engaging with old foes and orchestrating OPEC oil cuts to create conditions enabling Saudi Arabia to focus on his vast economic transformation plan. The kingdom is restoring relations with Iran, agreeing to a rapprochement with Syria and cultivating a long-term relationship with Beijing, all while questioning U.S. security commitments to the region.

Riyadh’s increasing assertiveness extends to oil policies, drawing U.S. disapproval. The strategic shift began in 2019 after the devastating attacks on Saudi Aramco’s oil facilities and gained momentum after Israeli attacks on Iranian targets. The kingdom hopes to avoid getting caught up in the crossfire.


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