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‘Scary mom’ Katie Britt roasted by SNL with brutal portrayal by Scarlett Johansson

As expected, Sen. Katie Britt (R-AL) got the Saturday Night Live treatment for her response to President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address with actress Scarlett Johansson nailing the Alabama Republican’s over-the-top storytelling and drastic mood swings.

Introducing herself with, “My name is Katie Britt and I have the honor of serving the great people of Alabama. But tonight I’ll be auditioning for the part of ‘Scary Mom.’ I’ll be performing an original monologue called ‘This Country is Hell,’” Johansson’s Britt added, “You see, I’m not just a senator, I’m a wife, a mother and the craziest b—h in the Target parking lot, worried about the future of our children. And this is why I’ve invited you into this strange empty kitchen because Republicans want me to appeal to women voters, and women love kitchens.”

SNL’s writers were on top of the emerging scandal of Britt’s lies about a victim of sex trafficking which she linked to President Joe Biden’s administration, as Johansson’s Britt explained, “… like any mom, I’m going to do a pivot out of nowhere into a shockingly violent story about sex trafficking. Rest assured, every detail about it is real except the year, where it took place and who was president when it happened.”

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Touching on the much-mocked decision to have her address the nation from her kitchen, she then explained why.

“You know, my husband Wesley and I spend a lot of time in this kitchen — worrying. Kitchens are where families have the hard conversations like the one we’ll have now about how mommy freaked out the entire country,” she stated.

Near her conclusion, she darkly threatened, “The American people who are struggling right now, know this: We hear you. We see you. We smell you. We’re inside your kitchen right now looking through your fridge. And what’s that on the top shelf? Migrants.”

You can watch below via SNL:

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