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Scientists Issue Warning: Real Meat Is Vital For Optimal Health

Scientists Push Back Against the Plant-Based Diet Fad, arguing that Red Meat is Critical to a Well-Balanced Diet.

A group of nearly 1,000 scientists, including experts from top universities, have come together to debunk the notion that a plant-based diet is the only path to good health. In a declaration published in Animal Frontiers, the scientists argue that red meat is a critical component of a well-balanced diet, providing essential nutrients and health-promoting compounds that are often lacking in plant-based diets. The group warns against villainizing carnivores and argues that livestock systems are too important to society to be reduced or eliminated.

The scientists also refute claims that red meat consumption is unhealthy and environmentally harmful. They claim that previous studies linking red meat to negative health impacts are flawed and should be retracted. Removing fresh meat and dairy from diets, they argue, would actually harm human health, especially for women, children, the elderly, and low-income individuals.

The group warns that it is difficult to replace the nutritional value of meat with plant-based substitutes and that poor communities that do not consume enough meat often suffer from negative health impacts. They conclude that animal-source foods are superior to plant-source foods in supplying several bioavailable micronutrients and high-quality macronutrients that are critical for growth and cognitive development.

The declaration, known as the Dublin Declaration, includes signatures from experts across several top universities and is calling on “zealots” to stop promoting a meat-free diet. The Animal Frontiers is the official research journal for four professional animal science societies.


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