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Secret Service To Protect Trump Behind Bars: The Bizzare Scenario

Former President Donald Trump is facing charges that could potentially put him behind bars for up to 136 years. The charges include allegations that he falsified business records and conspired to influence the 2016 presidential election through hush money payments to a former adult film star. Despite the severity of the charges, Trump has dismissed them as a “witch hunt” orchestrated by Democrats and has pleaded not guilty.

One interesting aspect of this case is the role of Trump’s Secret Service security detail. According to a law passed in 1965, the Secret Service has the obligation to protect former presidents and their spouses for the rest of their lives, as well as the widow and minor children of former presidents for four years after leaving office. Retired Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court Joseph Cosgrove confirmed that this means the Secret Service would be required to continue protecting Trump even if he were to be incarcerated.

1965 law on Secret Service protection for former presidents and their spouses.
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Cosgrove noted that this requirement could create a bizarre image if Trump were to be sentenced to confinement, as he would be accompanied by his Secret Service agents. This situation is just one of many unknowns that the United States must navigate in the aftermath of Trump’s historic arraignment on Tuesday. Trump is the first former president in the country’s 247-year history to face charges that could land him in jail.

It is worth noting that some political commentators and journalists have pointed out that Trump’s alleged crimes, while serious, are typically classified as misdemeanors. This is in contrast to previous presidents who signed off on controversial policies such as drone warfare, torture programs, and lying to the public about reasons for starting wars, yet have not faced criminal charges.


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