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Shocking NEA Conference Video Unmasks The Radicalization Of American Education

In an article by Andrea Widburg for American Thinker, the reality of American education being transformed into a leftist cult is exposed through a thought-provoking video. The profession of teaching, originally meant to instill literacy and American values, has now become a cause for concern as radical ideologies gain control over our children’s education. The National Education Association (NEA), the largest teacher’s union in the world and a prominent Democrat party donor, recently held its annual conference, revealing its deep ties to the party and its adoption of hard-left social justice policies.

During the conference, Becky Pringle, the NEA’s president, delivered a keynote address emphasizing the union’s commitment to social justice. Pringle’s focus on race and social equity has become the driving force behind the NEA’s agenda, leading to a divisive curriculum that encourages students to harbor resentment towards America and fuels racial divisions. The video of Pringle’s address sheds light on the cult-like atmosphere within the NEA, as she fervently promotes leftist ideologies and criticizes the foundations of the United States.

Becky Pringle Delivers Keynote Speech at the 2023 NEA RA

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