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Shocking Shake-Up: Don Lemon Fired By CNN After 17 Years

The recent announcement of CNN terminating the contract of anchor Don Lemon has come as a surprise to many, including Lemon himself. After 17 years at the network, Lemon expressed shock that no one in management had the decency to inform him directly. He made this statement on Twitter, three hours after appearing on air.

During his time at CNN, Lemon co-hosted ‘CNN This Morning’ for nearly six months and hosted the prime-time show ‘Don Lemon Tonight’ for over eight years. However, CNN issued a separate statement contradicting Lemon’s account of events, stating that the anchor was offered an opportunity to meet with management but instead chose to release his statement on Twitter.

The news of Lemon’s departure from CNN came shortly after Fox News announced that it would be parting ways with Tucker Carlson, who had been hosting a show on the network since 2016. The decision to terminate Lemon’s contract has raised eyebrows in the industry, with some speculating on the reasons behind it and the impact it may have on CNN’s ratings. The move highlights the importance of clear communication between employers and employees, especially in sensitive situations like these.


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