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Silenced: The Threat Of Governmental Abuse And Corporate Censorship

Have you ever found an article that you wanted to read again, only to discover that it has been “scrubbed” from the internet, as if it never existed? This phenomenon is becoming increasingly common, and it’s largely due to the significant power that large tech companies like Google have to control our access to information. Sadly, this power has often been abused by governments and corporations alike.

When it comes to elections, the potential impact of this kind of abuse is even more concerning. The manipulation of information by tech companies can sway public opinion and influence voting outcomes, undermining the very foundations of democracy. This is why freedom of speech is enshrined in the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights, as it is a crucial defense against this kind of abuse.

Freedom of speech enables us to express ourselves without fear of censorship or retaliation, allowing us to speak out against injustices and hold those in power accountable. While there are limits, such as hate speech and incitement to violence, these should never be used as an excuse to silence dissenting voices.

Governments and corporations have a long history of suppressing free speech. The US government’s surveillance programs, for example, have been criticized for monitoring citizens’ online activities and targeting individuals critical of government policies, violating privacy and free speech. Tech companies such as Elon Musk’s Twitter and Google have also faced accusations of censorship, with some arguing that they limit access to diverse perspectives and create echo chambers.

To protect the right to free speech for all individuals, it is crucial to hold both governments and tech companies accountable for any abuses of power. This can be achieved through supporting independent media outlets, such as, as well as advocating for stronger privacy protections and fighting against censorship. We must prevent undue influence from tech companies or any other entity that seeks to limit our freedom of speech, and it is up to us to hold those in power accountable to achieve this goal.


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