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‘SNL’ roasts Trump for hawking $60 bibles ahead of Easter Sunday 

NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” kicked off this weekend’s show by mocking former President Trump and his hawking of $60 Bibles during Holy Week. 

The episode, airing the night before Easter, began with a brief nod to the Biblical story of the resurrection of Jesus before James Austin Johnson, reviving his role as Trump, entered on stage, where he compared himself to Jesus. 

“It’s Easter, the time of year when I compare myself to Jesus Christ. That’s just the thing I do now, and people seem to be okay with that…I’m going to keep doing,” Johnson said. “And if you think that this a bad look, imagine how weird it would be if I started selling Bibles. Well, I’m selling Bibles.” 

Trump announced last week that he is selling “God Bless USA” Bibles in partnership with country musician Lee Greenwood ahead of Good Friday and Easter Sunday. In a video announcement, the former president said he thinks it is important for every American to have a copy of the Bible in their home. 

Johnson, holding up an apparent copy of the “God Bless USA” Bible, said, “As you know, I love the Bible. It’s my favorite book, definitely read it. But my favorite part is probably the ending, how it all wraps up. But this is a very special Bible, and it can be yours for the high price of $60.” 

“But I’m not doing this for the money, I’m doing this for the glory of God and for pandering and mostly for money,” Johnson’s Trump continued. “But it’s so sad, religion and Christianity are totally gone from this country, and we need them back.”

Johnson joked the “God Bless USA” Bible comes with “some beautiful illustrations,” and various photos of Johnson’s face appeared photoshopped onto Biblical images. 

The actual $60 King James Bible also features lyrics from Greenwood’s “God Bless the U.S.A.,” along with the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Declaration of Independence, and the Pledge of Allegiance. 

“Well back to my beautiful Bible, which also includes the Constitution and Pledge of Allegiance, and I don’t know…maybe Miranda rights? Which means, unfortunately we had to make some cuts,” Johnson quipped, saying it would not include the Biblical stories of Amos or Habakkuk.

“And if you order now, we’ll also throw in a free Trump miracle toaster. You know, sometimes weirdos see a picture of Jesus or something in their toast, well about what the miracle of Trump?” 

Trump received a slew of criticism last week for his move to sell Bibles. ABC’s “This View” hosts blasted the initiative, with one host calling it “hypocrisy at its most religious,” while former Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) encouraged the former president to read what the Bible says about adultery. 

Greenwood brushed off the criticism, arguing it is “just from the Trump haters.” 

Truth Puke reached out to the Trump campaign for comment.

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