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‘So angry’: Trump Org exec says ex-president is ‘looking for someone to blame’

Donald Trump is furious at his civil and criminal cases and is looking for someone in his orbit to pin it on, according to the former engineer for Trump’s construction projects.

Former Trump Organization Vice President Barbara Res appeared on CNN on Sunday, and was asked, from her experience working with Trump, what his mindset is like as he faces his first criminal trial and a bond deadline related to a massive fraud judgment.

“How important is it for Trump to keep his image of being the successful and rich businessman? What do you think is going through his mind tonight ahead of this bond deadline?” the host asked.

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“Well, I think he’s like so angry that this is happening to him, and he’s looking for someone to blame,” she said. “It is very important to him that he keep up this fantasy about him being the greatest businessman, and that’s what he’s concerned about now, actually.”

Res added that the election is also on Trump’s mind, but that “he thinks he’s going to win” that one.

“He wants to keep that face, that public face,” she added.

Res later noted that Trump “really does not want to look like a loser, so to speak.”

Watch the video below or click the link here.

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