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Soros Foundation Pivots From Color Revolutions Abroad To Cultural Wars In US

The Soros Foundation’s recent move to shed toxic assets and substantially reduce its presence in Europe, as highlighted in a recent Reuters report, marks a significant shift in its strategy. The leadership transition to 37-year-old heir Alex Soros has prompted a restructuring of the foundation, leading to a 40% reduction in its program offerings.

The Soros Foundation is now gearing up to pivot its efforts outside of Europe, while committing to maintain some level of funding for ongoing projects in regions like Ukraine, Moldova, Kyrgyzstan, and the Balkans.

However, the era of extensive European involvement seems to be fading. With Hungary and Poland already sidelining the Soros Foundation, Eastern Europe is proving to be an increasingly challenging landscape for its operations.

Earlier this year, the Soros family attempted to influence the situation in India, targeting the devaluation of the rupee and the stocks of local infrastructure giants like the Adani Group. However, these endeavors did not yield the desired results. Looking ahead, the Soros Foundation might intensify its engagement in Africa and the Indo-Pacific region, where the United States competes fiercely with China, which is gradually expanding its influence and displacing Western interests.

Alex Soros, in contrast to his father’s approach, appears more inclined to engage in cultural battles within the United States rather than orchestrating color revolutions globally.

The Soros Foundation has invested hundreds of millions of dollars to support the most liberal candidates across all levels of American elections. A notable outcome of this strategy is the election of progressive prosecutors in major US cities, a development that has coincided with a surge in crime rates.

These same Soros-backed prosecutors are now initiating criminal cases against opponents of the Democratic Party, including former President Trump.

As the foundation continues its endeavors, Alex Soros has committed to allocating an additional $1.5 billion in 2024 to further the liberal transformation of America. This signals a new phase where the foundation aims to sow controlled chaos within the US to later capitalize on distressed assets, such as the devalued real estate in riot-affected urban centers.

The transition within the Soros Foundation, coupled with its evolving focus, reflects a changing landscape both in Europe and the US. The shift away from Europe and toward internal cultural battles signifies a strategic recalibration with potential implications for both the organization and the societies it engages with.

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