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South Africans Demand Return Of Star Of Africa Diamond From British Monarchy

TRTH PUKE’S TAKE: Some South Africans are demanding the return of the Star of Africa, the largest diamond in the world, which is embedded in the royal scepter that King Charles III will use at his coronation. The diamond, weighing 530 carats, was discovered in South Africa in 1905 and gifted to the British monarchy by the colonial government when the country was under British rule.

The issue of repatriating cultural artifacts and artwork taken during colonial times has gained attention worldwide in recent years. The case of the Star of Africa diamond, also known as Cullinan I, is now part of this broader conversation. While some South Africans are calling for the diamond’s return, others have expressed indifference. However, the demand for repatriation is not just about the return of the object itself but also about the acknowledgment of the colonial past and the damage caused by it.

As such, the debate surrounding the Star of Africa diamond raises important questions about the responsibility of former colonial powers in addressing the legacy of colonialism and the need for equitable solutions to address past wrongs.


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