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Spy Swap: US Considers Russian Sanctions Relief And Allies’ Help To Free Detained Americans

TRUTH PUKE’S TAKE: The United States government is seeking the assistance of its allies in securing the release of two Americans, Evan Gershkovich and Paul Whelan, who are said to have been wrongfully detained in Russia. Officials have been approaching allied countries, including Brazil, Germany, Norway, and a former Soviet bloc country, that have Russian spies in custody to explore the possibility of a prisoner swap.

In addition, the White House has been considering narrow sanctions relief to achieve the same goal. According to senior administration officials, the US wants to find “creative offers” that could motivate Russia to release the prisoners. However, unlike past exchanges, Russia is treating both Whelan and Gershkovich as spies, meaning that the Russian government is demanding to trade like-for-like.

Meanwhile, the German government has a former Russian colonel named Vadim Krasikov in custody who is seen as Russia’s top priority in any potential prisoner swaps. However, it is unclear whether Germany would agree to a swap or which countries would be willing to participate in such a deal and under what conditions. Therefore, while progress is being made, it remains to be seen what kind of agreement, if any, will be reached.


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