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Stormy Daniels Breaks Silence In First TV Interview Since Trump’s Arrest and Vows To Testify In His Hush Money Case [VIDEO]

Truth Puke’s Takeaway: The 44-year-old woman known as Stormy Daniels sat down for an interview with TalkTV host Piers Morgan. Stormy’s 90-minute interview with Piers will be her first TV appearance since Trump’s arrest. During the chat, she vowed to testify if Trump’s case goes to trial, saying she had “nothing to hide.” Stormy admitted to feeling scared about potentially testifying in a trial that will be watched around the world, but she looks forward to it. Stormy believes that having them call her in and put her on the stand legitimizes her story and who she is. 🤣

Stormy does not believe that Trump should face jail time for his alleged crimes against her. However, she explained that for other alleged crimes he is under investigation for, such as mishandling government documents, fraud, and attempting to interfere with the 2020 presidential election, he could end up being sent to prison. Stormy warned that if Trump escapes jail time for other crimes, it could “open the door for other people to think they can get away with doing that and worse.”

In the aftermath of his bombshell court appearance, Trump raged that the US is “going to hell.” He accused the judge presiding over his case of being “the real criminal” and called for the “ridiculous” case to be “dropped immediately.” Trump denies Daniels’ claim that they had sex in 2006 and denies wrongdoing related to the $130,000 payment his former lawyer Michael Cohen allegedly gave her to keep quiet about the alleged affair before the 2016 presidential election.

The historic case marks the first time a former president has been criminally charged. The indictment focused on Trump’s reimbursement checks to Cohen, with details of the other charges mostly kept under wraps. Stormy’s interview with Piers Morgan will air on TalkTV tonight in the UK and will be released on Fox Nation in the US

ORIGINAL ARTICLE: By Henry Holloway - Senior Foreign News Reporter in London 


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