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Stormy Daniels trolls Trump after testifying in hush money trial

Adult film star Stormy Daniels Stormy Daniels trolled former President Trump and his legal team after testifying Thursday in the New York hush money trial. 

“Real men respond to testimony by being sworn in and taking the stand in court. Oh…wait.  Nevermind,” Daniels said in a Thursday post on social media platform X. 

Daniels’ swipe came after Trump and his legal team complained about her testimony on Tuesday and Thursday.

On Thursday, the former president’s team tried to amend Judge Juan Merchan’s gag order so that he could respond to Daniels’ testimony. They argued that since she had completed her testimony, any possibility of her being intimated had passed. 

His legal team also tried to have a mistrial declared, claiming that her testimony revealed far too much about the alleged sexual encounter in 2006 with the former president. 

Merchan denied both attempts. 

Daniels’ shot at Trump on X was also an apparent reference to him potentially taking the stand in the case and confronting the claims she made.

Trump’s attorney Susan Necheles, the only woman on his legal team in the case, tried to take down Daniels’ credibility with the jury by portraying her as an unreliable witness and alleging that she had changed her story about the alleged encounter. Necheles also went after Daniels for making a profit since alleging the affair with the former president. 

Trump faces 34 felony charges in the New York case for falsifying business records, accusing him of illegally concealing payments his former fixer, Michael Cohen, made in the late stages of his 2016 presidential campaign to keep Daniels quiet about the alleged extramarital affair.

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