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“Super Pigs”From Canada Are About To Invade The US And Do A Lot Of Damage

The US is about to be overrun by an army of “super pigs” from Canada that will cross the border and cause destruction across the northern states and beyond. The largest super pig to date weighed in at over 600 pounds; scientists believe they are hybrids between domestic pigs and European wild boars. Feral hogs already cause economic damage of around $1.5 billion annually in the US alone, but with this imminent gift from our Canadian neighbors, that toll could increase exponentially. These pigs are some of the most invasive large mammals on Earth; they consume anything they come across and can even kill whitetail deer! With this imminent addition comes a pincer movement as these super pigs open up new fronts in the north.

In the 1980s, Canada brought in wild boars from Europe to add a new agricultural element. When their price reached its peak in 2001, many ranchers simply let them go back into the wild; however, these intelligent animals with genes from Siberia have figured out how to dig deep snow caves and line the bottoms with cattails they cut with sharp tusks. Some even built “pigloos,” homes built above ground. While this new problem for US agriculture may last for some time, people in the northern states can now start enjoying thrilling hunts, which make leftists mad due to their heavy dependence on fossil fuels and semi-automatic rifles.

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