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Tensions Escalate As Mexico Enters The Fray In Texas-Federal Government Border Struggle

In the ongoing struggle for control over the southern US border, Texas and Washington have been at odds for several months. The state’s National Guard is carrying out its own military operation against migrants, erecting barriers and buoys on rivers, while federal border agents dismantle them.

Texas authorities openly defy White House policies, potentially leading to clashes between local forces and Washington-loyal border agents. The Texas Governor declared sovereignty over the border and vowed to use any means to combat the hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants. The Biden administration, however, demands that border agents accept all immigrants.

Now, Mexico seeks to exploit this chaos in the southern US states. President Lopez Obrador called Texas’ actions inhumane and urged Mexican citizens in the US to vote against politicians opposing illegal immigration. In Texas, the majority of the population is already Spanish-speaking.

US-Mexico relations are deteriorating as President Lopez Obrador freezes military cooperation with Washington and considers banning GMO grain exports from the US, which would impact American farmers severely.

Washington is hesitant to impose sanctions on Mexico due to significant American business interests there, fearing retaliation with nationalization. The work of USAID-supported NGOs has intensified but is now facing pushback from Mexico. Meanwhile, Mexico is keen on stirring internal tensions within the US, leveraging its large Spanish-speaking diaspora to destabilize the already divided nation.

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