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Tesla’s Potential Entry into Indian Market Sparks Twitter Frenzy as Musk Follows Modi

Social media is abuzz with speculation after Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla and SpaceX, began following Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Twitter. With almost 135 million followers, Musk is the most followed person on the platform, and his decision to follow Modi has led many to assume that Tesla might be making a foray into the Indian market or setting up a production line in the country.

However, both Musk and Modi have remained tight-lipped about the reasons behind the CEO’s decision to follow the Indian leader. Last year, India extended an invitation to Tesla to set up a manufacturing unit in the country, and the nation’s transport minister had said that the company could benefit from the move.

Despite these overtures, Tesla has been at loggerheads with Indian authorities over the country’s import taxes on electric cars, which the company believes are too high. India, on the other hand, has refused to offer the tax breaks that Tesla is seeking and has instead encouraged the company to manufacture its vehicles locally.

The exchange of words between Indian officials and Musk highlights the challenges that foreign companies face when trying to enter the Indian market. The country has a long history of protectionist policies and is known for its stringent regulations, which have made it difficult for foreign firms to operate.

In this context, Musk’s decision to follow Modi on Twitter could be seen as a shrewd move to test the waters before making any concrete plans. It remains to be seen whether Tesla will be able to overcome the hurdles that stand in the way of its entry into the Indian market, but one thing is clear: social media users will be watching closely for any signs of progress.


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