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The Biden Family’s Endgame: Scandals, Pleas, and Pardons?

TRUTH PUKE’S TAKE: The feds are closing in on Hunter Biden’s alleged influence peddling and corruption, and the clock is ticking for the Biden clan. Hunter’s defense team is scrambling to put the kibosh on the criminal side of the scandal before more dirt comes out in Arkansas and Washington. Recent moves by the Biden team, such as threatening witnesses and calling for an IRS investigation into critics, suggest the situation becomes increasingly dire.

Leaked info from the DOJ investigation suggests that Hunter might be facing jail time on four different charges, though conspicuously absent from the list is a charge as an unregistered foreign agent under Foreign Agent Registration Act (FARA).

This is awkward for President Biden, given the spotlight it would shine on the millions of dollars raked in from the alleged influence peddling. The only way out might be to settle for a plea deal on a couple of tax charges and a gun permit charge to minimize the damage before the 2024 election. Who knows what’s in store after that? Hunter could cop a plea as a first offender and get off with minimal jail time, and Biden could give his son a pardon. But make no mistake, the pressure on the Bidens is real and mounting, and the bill is coming due fast.


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