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The Big Lie is meant to finish off America

n Tuesday, November 3, 2020, America began tallying the vote to see who would be her next president.

Would the poisonous orange tide that had gripped and gagged her the previous four years finally drag her down for good after 244 years of resiliently staying afloat and rising above it all through Civil Wars, World Wars, killer pandemics and her greatest sin?

Predictably, it was an agonizingly close election thanks to our antiquated, racist Electoral College, but at 11:26 a.m. ET on Saturday, November 7, the Associated Press called the race for Democracy’s darling, Joe Biden.

An audible sigh of relief echoed through the countryside, and freedom rang. Anybody who cares even a little about Lady Liberty knows where they were, and what they did when they heard that gust of joyous news.

After four, long gruesome years, enough Americans had answered the call, and used their votes to remove the ghastly, orange, woman-abusing racist from office.

We had beat the bastards fair and square at the ballot box and were finally safe and sound.

Biden would go on to rack up 306 electoral votes to Donald Trump’s 232 in perhaps the most important election in American history. The man who faithfully served his country for nearly 50 years as a Senator from Delaware, and Vice President to Barack Obama, had vanquished the dullard who had served only himself over the crooked course of his long, miserable lifetime.

The popular tally wasn’t even close, as Biden absolutely demolished The Big Liar by more than seven million votes, or the combined populations of Arkansas, Mississippi, and South Dakota.

It was a remarkable time. We were being strangled by a once-in-a-century pandemic, and a morally busted incumbent who saw good people at KKK rallies, allies in dictators like Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un, and ingesting Lysol as a cure for what was literally killing us under his watch.

Joe Biden and a majority of America defeated all that. It was an election to be savored and celebrated safely and appropriately, because there were still people dying by the hundreds and thousands each day.

Mostly, it was time to finally move on to better days …

We know now that was never allowed to happen. We know now the worst was actually yet to come from the dumpster-diver, and the reprehensible, anti-American filth who faithfully followed him into the swirl of his toilet, where he always did his most odious, anti-American work.

First, Trump refused to concede to Biden, which wasn’t a total surprise. After all, he had never been a gracious man for even a minute. He was a spoiled brat — just another rich kid born with a silver spoon stuck up his endless, fat ass.

He was a notorious liar and cheater, who actually superimposed his ugly, orange face onto magazine covers, and taped them to the walls of the locker rooms of the golf clubs he harrumphed around in to impress people.

And how absolutely pathetic is that?

With each passing day following the election blowout, his nuclear-powered temper tantrums got worse. He got sicker and meaner. He lashed out and threatened election workers. He shook down campaign officials to find him votes.

He began relentlessly telling the Big Lie — that the election had somehow been stolen from him, and him alone. Forget the fact that Republicans had fared surprisingly well all over the map in the Congressional races that year, actually cutting significantly into the Democrats’ advantage in the House.

No, according to Trump and the leaches who sucked onto him, his election had somehow been singularly stolen.

This, of course, was complete hogwash, but the fact that everybody in his miserable political party had done better than he had was impossible for a revolting narcissist to process.

He was THE Big Loser. Yuge.

Still he pressed ahead, and used the proximity of the most powerful office in the world to pucker up, blow hard, and trumpet the Big Lie that he won an election he provably lost by more than seven millions votes.

He grabbed party members by the scruff of their chicken necks, and warned them to get on board with his latest evil scheme. In his best whiny, thug voice he said he was going to ignore the results of the election, see, and they were going to help him, see …

Slowly the Big Lie starting gaining noxious steam among the terrible cowards in his revolting party, who suddenly couldn’t wait to blow Trump’s sweaty horn.

Convincing his supporters was far easier. They were standing by, ready to take orders. After all, they had long ago lowered themselves into the sewer, and were eagerly awaiting his next command, as they batted away the flies that buzzed around their empty heads.

All that lead to the attack on January 6, 2021.

The day Joe Biden would officially become president … they day the people who truly love America were to finally have their long-awaited celebration … is now remembered as one of the saddest episodes in American history thanks to the traitor, Donald Trump, and the disgusting, anti-American sore losers who support him.

Trump still has not been punished for his failed coup attempt, and the damage he imposed on this country. Because of that, his attack continues. Citizens who love this country and stood up for her, have been abandoned by our Justice Department, which has failed us spectacularly by its gross inability to perform its most important job: keeping us safe from our enemies.

Our corporate media has been a complete and utter joke, and somehow still can’t come to grips with the fact that their freedoms are hanging by thread. I truly can’t stand the people who are staffing these newsrooms, and have no idea how to handle the biggest story in American history.

I don’t recognize the business, where I spent three decades of my life. They are damn, incompetent fools, all of them …

On the morning after Trump held yet another one of his unhinged, overhyped, dog-whistle rallies, where he praised Hannibal Lecter, confused tennis player Jimmy Connors with Jimmy Carter, called myriad people “fat pigs,” induced the tongue-draggers in his audience to hurl vulgarities at Democrats, and once again told the Big Lie over, and over, and over again, The Washington Post went out with this headline for their lead story in Sunday’s editions:

False claims …


My God …

After everything I typed above … after all the damage Trump and his revolting party have done to this country … our corporate media STILL can’t (or simply won’t) type the word “LIE.

The Big Lie is the most grievous piece of dangerous propaganda ever unfurled across our country, and it simply must be strenuously called out for what it most certainly is in our independent press.

Its aim is to end us, and our Democracy. If it is allowed to further fester, it will irreparably damage the mechanism by which American citizens have been choosing their leaders for centuries.

We will descend into mob rule, and chaos.

Already, many Republicans are refusing to commit to honoring the results of November’s election if they don’t get the results they want. They are telling us that they will not accept losing ever again. They are telling us they will do everything they can to steal power that they have absolutely no right to.

They have stacked our Supreme Court in their favor with a deadly purpose and intention. They most certainly mean us harm.

We have never been here before in American history. One major party honors our elections, the other party loathes them.

The very least our corporate media can do right now is sound the alarms loudly and repeatedly, and call a damn lie, a damn lie when they hear one.

The fact is, the truth is the only thing left that will truly set us free.

D. Earl Stephens is the author of “Toxic Tales: A Caustic Collection of Donald J. Trump’s Very Important Letters” and finished up a 30-year career in journalism as the Managing Editor of Stars and Stripes. Follow @EarlofEnough and on his website.

Source: Raw Story – Celebrating 20 Years of Independent Journalism

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