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The Elite’s War On Meat: Why They Want To Keep It For Themselves

As the world becomes more conscious of climate change, the topic of food has become a hot-button issue. Governments worldwide are taking steps to reduce the carbon footprint of their citizens by introducing agricultural restrictions and promoting the removal of animal-based proteins from everyday diets. However, the question remains, why do the elite want to keep meat 🥩 to themselves?

Contrary to popular belief, there is no evidence that animal farming leads to rising global temperatures. The UN’s climate report, Livestock’s Long Shadow, calculates livestock emissions along the entire supply chain, from land use to processing and refrigeration in supermarkets, leading to an overstating of the scale of livestock emissions. In contrast, transportation figures only factor in direct emissions from exhaust fumes, ignoring processes associated with manufacturing machinery or moving people and produce.

So, why the obsession with meat and dairy? Veganism may lead to reduced cognitive function and lower intelligence, especially when such diets are forced onto children. The human brain requires several nutrients that cannot be found in plants. Speculations abound on the establishment’s true motives for promoting a meatless world, but the fact remains that New York Mayor Eric Adams has joined the effort to cut animal-based carbon emissions by 2030.

The war on meat is presented as a lifestyle suggestion that retools itself as a health and climate crisis. The ultimate goal is to ban meat entirely or make it so expensive that only the wealthy can afford it. Insects and soy-formed meat substitutes are suggested as replacements, while the elite continues to enjoy their A5 rated steak.

Left-leaning municipal and state governments employ their populace as experimental subjects to measure their willingness to endure abuses. Their conduct serves as a barometer for future totalitarianism. The offensive against meat and dairy products is a covert aspect of the “Net Zero” environmental agenda, and it remains to be seen how far the elites will go to keep it for themselves.


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