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The Sinister 👿 Alliance Between Biden And Facebook

Insider Whistleblower Unveils Disturbing Collaborations And Speech Suppression 😶

In a startling revelation, internal company communications obtained by The Wall Street Journal shed light on Facebook’s response to pressure from the Biden administration concerning Covid-19 related content on its platform. The emails reveal that Facebook executives removed posts, including those discussing the possibility of the virus being man-made, at the behest of the administration, sparking concerns over censorship and government influence on social media.

The discussions surrounding Covid-19 content moderation took place during the White House’s nationwide push for Covid-19 vaccination. While the administration sought to curb vaccine misinformation, some viewed the actions as an infringement on free speech. The email exchanges between Facebook executives, including Nick Clegg, President of Global Affairs, and the then-Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg, show how the company navigated the demands from the administration.

Questions arise about the ethics of content removal, with concerns that suppressing vaccine hesitancy posts could push hesitant individuals further away from vaccination. Furthermore, the email exchanges also highlight Facebook’s attempt to strike a delicate balance between responding to the administration’s concerns and protecting the integrity of its content policies.

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